Chelsey Krecklau

Minneapolis, MN


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Revive Your Wild Woman Within

Wild Goddess

Welcome Sisters

Have you felt the calling?

Are you ready to connect to the divine feminine and live a life of empowerment and bliss ?

You have found the right place.

This is an open, safe, community for women, of all ages, races and beliefs to come together in unity. A sacred space for us to empower each other, and let go of the blocks holding us back in life.

So many of us, as women, have tried to gain our power back in this masculine world we live in. However this has separated us from our own feelings and intuition. Some of us may have lost our power as strong, soulful, nurturing women.

Wild Goddess brings together the grace, beauty, and love we have deep inside us with the untamed, raw nature of the feminine. We create a sacred space for women to let go of their fears, self-doubt, insecurities and limiting beliefs. 

Together We Rise!


 I am Chelsey.

I lost myself as a teenager, giving away my power in all the wrong ways. I started living in the masculine energy and not being true to who I am. I became very disconnected from spirit, mother nature and my own intuition. As I walked a dark path of insecurities, self-doubt and anger I found support in the divine feminine and called her mom. I was lucky to have her, not everyone has that supportive of a relationship with the feminine

I began my journey of self-love, exploration and connection to source a few years ago. I began going to yoga, healing workshops, Goddess Ceremonies and traveling the world. I learned about myself, the moon and my own healing abilities. I began practicing Reiki and working with healing crystals to help others around me feel the love and support that I have found. I became a Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix to guide and support more beautiful women on their journey through life. I decided to continue my education and  offerings in August of 2018 when I became a certified yoga instructor. I use movement and flow to embrace the divine feminine within each of us.